I graduated from pharmacy school in 1954. At that time we (males, at least) were still subject to selective service, "draft". As I recall I had heard that I would have about a year before I would be called up, so I found a position in a pharmacy in Battle Creek, Michigan.

I received my draft call-up exactly one year later.

As I found out much later, the 3rd Armored division which had been deactivated after WW2, had been reactivated for the purpose of rotating to Germany, so the troops there could come back to the States.

I was lucky to be sent to a medical unit attached to the artillery division of the 3rd Armored Division.

After the first part of basic training, I and several others were taken out of basic and told to start working at our dispensary (aid station) where we began processing troops to get them ready for going overseas. We ran sick-call and gave immunizations. We worked hard all day and then had to clean the place up to get ready for the next day but we didn't mind because we were doing work we enjoyed and not doing that basic training.

One day our commanding officer went on leave and I got called in to the CO's office where the replacement officer began berating me drastically for not standing formation each morning and not doing all the other army stuff. I was very confused because I was just doing what I had been told to do. Luckily our Sergeant overheard and came in and told him to lay off. He let him know how hard we were working.

After a year at Ft. Knox we were sent to Germany as a part of Operation Gyroscope. The artillery division consisted of several batteries and a headquarters battery and I was lucky to remain at headquarters at Drake Kaserne. We went on maneuvers several times where we set up our aid station and just kept ready. It was interesting because we were located near the edge of the area and people from nearby villages would come and visit. I was able to practice my rudimentary German on the young boys and girls. I think I learned much from them. And I think they enjoyed practicing their English.