Old tower in Frankfurt, Germany.

Along the Main River, downtown Frankfurt. By the way, it's pronounced "Mine" and the city's full name is "Frankfurt am Main". I guess there's another Frankfurt on some other river. And yes, we spell it wrong in Michigan.

Floating Restaurant.

The "Dom" Cathedral on the other side.

I used to eat at that restaurant. Wiener Schnitzel and beer...

Tour boat on the Main River

My VW in the Motor Pool (Edwards Kaserne)

Not too long after arriving in Germany I was told there was a mistake in our orders and I would be allowed to bring a vehicle home at the Army's expense, even though I was only SP3 (Corporal). So I bought this VW and brought it home. Sure wish I had kept it longer rather than trading it in on a Corvair!

The deuce-and-a-half truck next to it we had converted into an aid station. When we went on maneuvers we used our big aid tent for sleeping.

Medical Detachment Yearbook

Ski Slopes at Garmisch

Garmisch was (and probably still is) used as an Army recreation area. I and a friend took a leave there. The hotel room was $1.00 per night, $1.75 for officers. The town boasts an Olympic history - having held the winter games in the 1930s.

Cover of the booklet from our Garmisch trip.